The Inclusion Body Myositis Foundation Building muscle with the Inclusion Body Myositis Foundation

The Inclusion Body Myositis Foundation (IBMF) is the only non-profit research foundation worldwide dedicated solely to finding the cause of and treatment for Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). Doctors and researchers are working to find a cure for IBM, in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital Boston, MIT, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Line Cellar worked with IBMF to create a compelling brand and distinct marketing material that will aid in fundraising activities.

The IBMF logo is a simple, stylized approach to the IBMF letters, created in a deep yet cheerful shade of red. The red works well with colors of muscle and tissue, as well as IBMF’s Harvard connection. At first glance, the logo presents the IBMF acronym and its expansion with attractive, prominent letterwork. A close observer will notice the logo also employs the striated texture of the skeletal muscle, reiterating IBMF’s focus on the muscle disease that it is working to cure. The layered nature of this logo allows IBMF to surprise its audiences with an “A-ha!” moment and is a nice way to tie back to the spirit of discovery that drives the Foundation’s research activities.

All-new IBMF stationery incorporates the new logo across all pieces of communication. This serves to reinforce the IBMF brand, and directs audiences to learn more about the work and mission of the Foundation. 

We used the distinct look and feel of the new brand as a starting point to reimagine the IBMF website. We sought to capture the audience’s attention, relay key messages in one page view, add PayPal functionality and leave room for additional features like a Researchers Document Transfer section. We accomplished what we started out to do, and continue to maintain one of our favorite sites.